24 November 2002


This just off the press! The world domination tour of FSMCs will continue at the Restaurant Boat Wäiski on 30th of November 2002. A brand new single will be released at the gig. The name of the tune is still unknown, but reliable sources tell us that the theme of the song will revolve around the core values of FSMCs: having a great time!

Our undercover spy at FSMCs HQ managed to slip us a copy of the tour poster.

DOWNLOAD the poster!


05 May 2002

MC T turns 30 years old

Can you believe it, MC T is already 30 years old. Man, all those years of intelligent, punchy rhymes and cutting edge hax0r lines. As a tribute to MC T, A-Biz and Hyppönen performed live at the birthday party and released a mad tribute to their main man.

DOWNLOAD the tune (Sama Kaveri) now!


23 November 2001

FSMCs tour poster available on line

YEAAH! We managed to get a copy of the original FSMCs tour poster. It is now available for all you!

DOWNLOAD it now!


15 November 2001

F/S Securella to host the final show of the World Domination Tour

YES, it is confirmed. FSMCs will appear on the love boat F/S Securella on the cruise starting on Saturday 1st of December 2001.

The world-premier of the new single "Ruotsinlaivalla" will be held at the cruise.


4 August 2001

World Domination Tour takes on ASSEMBLY '01

There is only way to put it. The trio OWNED the ASSEMBLY '01 demoparty. FSMCs appeared several times during ASSEMBLY - both individually and as group. From live TV broadcasts featuring Hyppönen to MC A-Biz on the grand stage putting out some ad lib lyrics and MC T 0wning the CounterStrike scene the party was definitely well packed.

Unconfirmed rumours place the release of the up coming new single to the latter part of the year.


5 June 2001

FSMCs to perform at home ground - Matinkylä ghetto

The infamous home of the FSMCs the Matinkylä Ghetto has the privilege to host the world renowed trio as the World Domination Tour continues.

MC Tee "We wanted to get back to our roots and affirm our grass roots connection by perfoming at the Matintasku and the Jaska's grill". MC A-Biz went on to elaborate "Matinkylä is our spiritual home and we have to pay homage to the environment that created us".


2 February 2001

World domination tour on a break.

The kick-ass fennomaniac trio decided to take a break on the touring and put the World domination tour on hold for the moment.

Hyppönen commented "You know, we been on the road for months now and we have so much new material that we simply need to go work on that in the studio for sometime".

Unconfirmed rumours place the posse to work on the floating studio "F/S Securella" on the Baltic Sea.


16 December 2000

World domination tour continues. FSMCs rocked da house at Madison Square Garden, NYC.

FSMCs appeared before a howling crowd at the Mecca of showbiz, the Madison Square Garden. The event marked the pinnacle of the FSMCs World Domination Tour (2000 - 2001). The posse is the first Finnish hip hop group to ever break in the US.

Tiukkaa Riimii debuted at the Billboard singles chart at #9 and climbed until #5 for a total of 13 weeks on the chart. This makes Tiukkaa riimii the most successful Finnish hip hop track ever.


5 December 2000

FSMCs rocked the house at Wembley arena, performing at the "Northern lyricists' lounge" event.

Over 25,000 fans experienced the mind blowing stage show. MC A-Biz showed off his famous footwork and locking moves, while MC T kicked the show with his freestyle rhymes.


4 December 2000

The bad ass FSMCs perfomed to a wild crowd at Kaivohuone 2.12.2000. It is safe to say that we rocked the house! Thanks to all of our supporters and loyal fans - you know who you are!

The brand new single "Tiukkaa Riimii" has been released. Download the MP3 here.

The lyrics are also now available. Check also the desktop wallpaper and the live photos!


25 November 2000

"Tiukkaa Riimii" release date has now been set! The mp3 will be available on this site after the gig at Kaivohuone, Helsinki! The lyrics will be also available!

20 November 2000

New gigs confirmed! The fiercesome trio will be performing on 2nd of December at Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland for a lesser known small Finnish IT company. The main event though is the gig the weekend after at the Närpiö juhlalava! Over 35,000 persons are expected to boogie to the MCii beat at Närpiö!


15 November 2000

Yeaah, it's coming! FSMCs will release "Tiukkaa riimii" as a mp3 on this very site! It will be premiered on MTV Europe on Late Lick program and performed live at the near future gigs. Check back here later!

8 November 2000

DVD Release Pushed Back AGAIN! This time it's til 21st November. Apparently the packaging was misprinted, so they've had to reprint them all again. According to the official site the packaging is going to be "special". God knows what that means, but judging by the eMCiis penchant for nice packaging these days, it'll be a treat.

DJs Rumour is that A-Biz will be DJing on UK's Radio 1 on the 27th November. More info nearer the time.

MC T Beats Up Nader Yes yes, y'all. It's true. T has "Put Beats to Speeches" by Ralph Nader. I have no idea what is sounds like as I haven't had the chance to download the track yet. (props to Sarah Jane Piatt for the info)


6th November 2000

DVD Delayed until 14th November.

MC2000 single 'Buddy' has it's video available for viewing on the Grand Royal website.

Photo exhibit accompanies Sounds of Science LP release. MTV has the article.