I guess the history of the FSMCs begins with the meeting of Hyppönen, Mc T and A-Biz on one fateful September afternoon. History was made that day as the three guys decided to combine forces to form the FSMCs or Management Consoles as the group is also known. A lot of had happened before that, though.

MC T acquired through some dubious channels promo CDs from the to-be-superstar-of-Finnish-rap-scene one-man-act called Seremoniamestari (check out his shit, it is definitely first class!). The stuff was back then (in autumn 1998) very, very undergound. Mc T soon had both A-Biz and Hyppönen hooked on the Finnish rap.

Time passed - the guys listened to more Finnish hip hop (check out e.g. Nuera, Kontrasti, Fintelligens, Ritarikunta, Ezkimo and the rest) and naturally demostrated their outstanding B-Boy talents and microphone rocking feats at various concerts and stages of prestige (including Mc T's sauna penthouse).

Year 2000 saw the seminal release of Seremoniamestari's first CD "Omin samoin" as well as other releases (e.g. Fintelligens "Renesanssi", "Suomi Hip Hop compilation 2" from Open records). The guys, who had witnessed the cream of the Finnish hip hop live and who were well assured of their talents, started bouncing rhymes and lyrics back and forth in email. The rest of world was already on their knees begging us to release thanks to clever viral marketing scheme invented by A-Biz. However, the world had to wait for while.

Then that fateful September afternoon came. Imagine it, three of Finland's finest, guys tough with words, sharper than knives and faster that mercury in one more room under one sun. Yeah, nothing good come from that - but something bad ass did happen!

The FSMCs were formed with the task of creating the most ass kicking Finnish hip hop record ever made - or making total fools out of each single dude in the process, which essentially is the same thing. It was clear that such a brilliant work of art would need to presented live to the most demanding, most sophisticated and most high-paying audience. But we had to settle a for a pretty unknown smaller Finnish IT company's X-mas party. However, we did manage to score a gig week after this premiere at the Närpiö juhlalava, where approximately 35,000 fans will converge!

Don't worry, we don't. We are here, alive and kicking the living hell out of your bass speakers!